About Us

My Ideal Tracker was designed by Dr. John Schellenberg with best practices in mind. When it comes to tracking red-light therapy clients, My Ideal Tracker is a one stop shop for client tracking and practice management software.

Brilliant Software Inc is a leader in HIPAA compliant tracking software platforms. It’s ChiroThinTracker is the official patient management and tracking software for ChiroThin™, the Chiropractic industry’s Gold Standard for doctors who use weight loss in their practices. ChiroThin™ has had over 120,000 patients go through their program and millions of messages have been exchanged, stored and protected on its servers. The ChiroThinTracker is the chiropractic industry’s best practices for weight loss patient management and tracking. Many ChiroThinTracker subscribers have asked for a red-light tracking platform to track their red-light therapy patients just like what they are using to track their ChiroThin™ weight loss patients. MY IDEAL TRACKER is the answer to that request…and so much more!

Company visionary, founder, and president, Dr. John Schellenberg, has over 23 years of experience in private chiropractic practice as well as integrating ChiroThin™ and red-light therapy for his patients. His first-hand knowledge, clinical expertise and sharp business acumen gives him a unique advantage in developing industry changing software.

His company, Brilliant Software Inc., was built from the perspective of the clinician’s need for gold standard record keeping practices, highly efficient and HIPAA compliant patient/client training and communication and most importantly, providing affordable solutions to the issues clinics face through creative and intuitive software design, development, and delivery.

Brilliant Software’s core values are honesty, authenticity, and dedication to phenomenal customer service. We believe our best abilities are accountability, affordability, reliability, and adaptability. If you ever need anything, Dr. John can be reached directly via email: john@myidealtracker.com or by calling or texting 701.866.8256.

There are proven methods for creating happy and satisfied clients, AND there are proven methods for tracking and growing your practice. Now there is an IDEAL way to do both - MY IDEAL TRACKER!

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