There are proven methods for creating happy and satisfied clients, AND there are proven methods for tracking and growing your practice. Now there is an IDEAL way to do both - MY IDEAL TRACKER!

Step into the light and see for yourself!

Here are 15 reasons why MY IDEAL TRACKER is the IDEAL SOFTWARE for growing your practice and for creating happy and satisfied clients, simply.

Seeing is Believing – Creating Satisfied Clients

“To see is to know – to not see is to guess” My Ideal Tracker removes the guess work. It Instantly tracks, calculates, and displays inches lost by body region as well as Total Inches Lost. Both the Clinic Portal and the Client Portal will be able to see “before and after” photos displayed side by side showing undeniable results. This is the “best way” to showcase a client’s accomplishments.

Documentation and Record Keeping

Does using a ticker system right out of the 1990’s to count client’s red-light sessions sound familiar? My Ideal Tracker manages documentation in the proper way and takes care of documentation handling and counting with high end detailed electronic notes and session counter that both the clinic and the clients can see on either desktop or mobile device.

Client Referrals

Word of mouth and referrals from a satisfied customer are precious. With My Ideal Tracker you have a way to track and reward them for sharing their positive experience and bringing family or friends to your facility. They can refer anyone through the App and My Ideal Tracker will track that client to their respective referrals. This will allow you to create client appreciation and referral incentive programs with ease.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly - Intake Forms

My Ideal Tracker eliminates the need for having clients complete paper intake forms. By sending the intake form electronically, clients will be able to complete the forms on their schedule and will expedite the check-in process at the front desk. When the intake form is submitted, a health record and account will instantly be created for that client on the HIPAA compliant platform. This allows for a paperless office which is both a cost saving initiative and helps conserve the environment.

Credibility, Brand Recognition and Goodwill

Technology and people’s expectations change over time and businesses have to adapt to those changes. We live in a digital era where information and convenience are like currency and how you deliver that to your clients speaks volumes about you and your business. Body contouring and weight loss clients place a high value on your services and expect your business practices to be in alignment with the premiums you charge. Caring for your clients by providing them with a powerful app that puts information, convenience, as well as direct connection to you in the palm of their hands will empower them and skyrocket your credibility.

Customizable Campaigns for Training, Information and Promotion

The Campaign Builder is a powerful feature that allows you to create custom messaging for your clients right in their inbox. From Welcome To our Clinic Emails sequences, to daily weight loss program messaging to program training guides and even New Years Promotional campaigns, My Ideal Tracker does it all. You can add text, insert pictures, include attachments and even embed videos to your messaging. Just set them up to go automatically and your messaging will always be just a tap or click away.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Peace of Mind

Text messaging and emails are not HIPAA compliant – in fact each message is subject to a fine of up to $10,000. Now you can relax because My Ideal Tracker has you covered and your clients’ information protected. All messages and clinical records are stored on our powerful, encrypted and HIPAA compliant servers.

Client Record and Health Number

Every clinic owner knows the importance of keeping proper documentation and progress examinations. My Ideal Tracker does the heavy lifting for you with your red light and weight loss clients. The client data tab displays all measurement and biometric data as well as photos and uploaded files, like lab reports. The weight loss tab displays all the daily client logs including weight, sleep, food logs and much more. The messages thread saves and displays all correspondence between clinic and client. The orders and account tab tracks and displays all the financial transactions. The built in Visual Analogue Scale on the client assessment tab is a tool that calculates and displays the client's health number. Modern day clients love to track and watch their progress and My Ideal Tracker puts the power to do that in their hands as well as yours.

One Platform for Red-Light, Weight Loss Programs and More

It’s neither easy or inexpensive to find robust platforms that will track both your red-light and weight loss clients. My Ideal Tracker has you covered, for a fraction of the cost. And, My Ideal Tracker has a powerful compare feature that will display before and after photos between two different dates, side by side. My Ideal Tracker offers the only one of its kind, customizable weight loss & special diet tracker. You can build any number of specialty diet programs, assign them to clients and then track their progress. It calculates and displays progress metrics for both clinic and client, and clinics can even create their own canned instant messages to save time while reviewing daily client logs.

Built-in Scheduler

If you use a paper appointment book or a separate scheduling program, you recognize the challenges of going in and out of different programs tracking and scheduling your clients. Imagine having a platform that contains all the clinical data, appointments and financial accounting in one place. With My Ideal Tracker, you can have all that and more. The powerful scheduler feature handles all the scheduling functions of a busy office and sends out “intuitive” notifications - not one for every single change that will clog up an inbox. Through their app, clients may schedule and reschedule appointments. The powerful reporting feature tracks, filters and displays practice statistics for individual clients or the entire practice.

Payments & Financial Reports in a Snap

Point of Sale (POS) systems can track credit card payment transactions but that is as far as it goes. What about payments made by cash or check? All financial transactions are handled with ease inside My Ideal Tracker and clients are able to access their orders and accounts on their portal which lightens the burden at the front desk. Let the software create year-end tax statements and account summaries for clients or for your sales tax remittance. It will also allow you to customize your clinic store with all the products and services you offer. All transactions are encrypted and accepted via virtual terminal or integrated POS provided by the world’s leading credit card processing technology company, Card Connect by Fiserv. Merchant processing fees are fixed at industry low rates and will never increase, allowing you a massive savings in credit card processing expenses. Using creative filters, the powerful crowd sourcing report feature displays meaningful productivity metrics for your clinic, so you know exactly which products and services are comprising your total income. Just one more way, My Ideal Tracker has it all.

Outstanding Customer & Tech Support

Have you ever tried to contact Customer or Tech Support and found out it was only through a message form on the Software Company’s website? No phone number to call? Or those companies outsourced their service to someone in another part of the world delaying any solution because of language barriers? My Ideal Tracker’s Support desk is located right here in the USA with agents standing by to help with any questions you may have. We also offer unlimited support, unlimited training, and free software updates. Plus, we host two live Q&A training sessions each week!

Easy Software Integration and Learning Curve

We understand that changing to a new Software or starting a brand new one is not a simple task. That is why My Ideal Tracker offers a simple to use import/export feature to bring client data into the platform. The user interphase is intuitive and very user friendly for both clinic and client.

Cancel Anytime!

With certain other software companies, it is difficult to cancel or get out of your subscription – they keep you “handcuffed” either because they delete all your client data as soon as you stop paying or they make you pay annually. We don’t do that at MY IDEAL TRACKER. We simply give you a 35 day trial for $5 and if you don’t love the platform you simply cancel it on your Subscription tab. When you cancel or the subscription fails to renew, all your client data remains read only and available to you and your clients forever. All the functionality will freeze for both the clinic and the clients. To start using the platform again, just renew your payment information and you will be back up and running instantly.

Ideal Pricing

If you are already paying for other software such as Electronic Medical Records, Scheduling, Email Marketing and Communications, Financial, Referrals and Point of Sale, simply add them up and you’ll see how much you will save. In any case, with My Ideal Tracker, you will have a HIPAA compliant, all in one practice management software platform at the best value on the planet. Additionally, many of these Software companies will limit your data or will ask you to pay extra for it, with My Ideal Tracker you have Unlimited Data, and the industry’s lowest merchant processing fees That Will Never Go Up! Jam packed with powerful and much needed features at an unbelievable price, starting at $179 a month, My Ideal Tracker is a total no-brainer. It is the Ideal Software!

For the Ideal Platform that will keep your business growing and your clients happy.

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